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Yoga Based Resilience Training (YBRT)


One Semester

Course Tuition:

Limited Financial Assistance/Scholarships are available

General Admission Requirements:

Prospective students contact the admissions office for admission requirements.

This program does not require internship or externship.

Course Description

Ishan Shivanand

We live in a world where human beings at every stage of life find themselves in a state of overstimulation, anxiety and exhaustion to the point of burnout. Small kids, teenagers and working professionals are exposed to physical, mental, and emotional stress that eventually begins to affect their physical and mental health, performance at school and work and even their personal and professional relationships. Our Yoga Based Resilience Training course is based on the Yoga of Immortals System developed by Ishan Shivanand taps into the ancient knowledge and wisdom of Indian Knowledge Systems to help students and working professionals rewire their Mind-Body system to be resilient in the face of all of life’s challenges and the same time improve their performance in their chosen field of endeavor. The benefits of Yoga of Immortals have been researched, documented, and published in many top scientific / medical journals and magazines and have a very high impact score.

Physical and Mental Health Benefits

  • Scientifically proven benefits of the Yoga of Immortals protocols include a decrease in anxiety, depression, insomnia and improvement in quality of life
  • You will gain an Increased mastery of body, breath, and mind
  • You will develop the ability to quickly spring back from setbacks and disappointments
  • You will develop the ability to remain calm and composed while handling tough situations
  • Your overall posture will improve
  • Your body will become more flexible and agile
  • Your immune system will improve and get a daily boost
  • You will remain alert and focused while performing key tasks
  • You are likely to see enhanced productivity and creativity
  • You will find yourself reacting less and less to external stressful events
  • As you become more pleasant, balanced, and stable your relationships are bound to improve
  • In short, you will become RESILIENT
  • Bonus: You will learn how to write a life script for yourself after discovering what you truly want and design a daily routine that supports your life goals

Additional Benefits

  • You will be able to explain the fundamentals of yoga to anyone
  • You will be able to explain the history and development of yoga
  • You will gain a deeper understanding of Yoga Philosophy
  • You will understand the sources and causes of stress
  • You will learn how to adopt and inculcate attitudes, principles and habits that will make you resilient