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Devotional Music


One Semester

Course Tuition:

Limited Financial Assistance/Scholarships are available

General Admission Requirements:

Prospective students contact the admissions office for admission requirements.

This program does not require internship or externship.

Course Onjective

Devotional Music is connected with Indian culture, heritage and traditions. There are many great composers who have composed thousands of valuable compositions in many Indian languages propagating devotion through Music. University of SiliconAndhra would like to spread this treasure through offering this course.


Students, studying 9th grade and above age group are eligible and there is no upper age limit to join the course.


The course offers 15 sessions on a weekly one class basis in one semester/4months period. Each session”s duration will be for one and half hours. 15 teaching video recordings also will be provided.


Basics of Music, Annamacharya and Bhadrachala Ramadasu Kirtanas, Dikshitar Nottu Swaras, Tyagaraja Divyanama Sankirtanas, Tiruppugal, Tevaram, Divya Prabandham, Tiruppavai, Narayana Teertha Tarangas, Sadasiva Brahmendra Kirtanas, Dasara Padas, Meera, Kabir Bhajans, Malayalam compositions, Abhangs and Patriotic songs along with basic theory. Required notes and notations will be provided.