Duration: One year program (2 semesters per year)

Required Hours: A total of 135 hours.

Required Units: A total of 3 courses (3 core mandatory course)

This program does not require internship or externship.

The main objective of the Certificate Program is to initiate students to the sublime art form, the Indian Carnatic Music. This program is designed to cover the fundamentals of music both in theoretical and practical ways, that create and develop the love and interest for Carnatic Music.

Admission Requirements

  • A high school diploma or GED is required
  • Practical music experience of at least 3 years, which will be determined by University Faculty screening or assessment.

Three Core Courses

  • CCM 101: Basic and Textual Theory (Unit value – 3 credit units)
  • CCM 102: Musical Compositions- 1 (Unit value – 3 credit units)
  • CCM 103: Musical Compositions- 2 (Unit value – 3 credit units)


The evaluation has the following components:

  • Final exams at the end of each course

Students will be awarded a Certificate in Carnatic Music on their successful completion of all the required courses, with an overall combined GPA of 2.0, based on the evaluation weightages across the various methods/metrics.

Tuition Fee

Estimated Program Costs: $3,000.00 including Tuition fee of $2,700.00, Application Fee, Books, Registration Fees, etc.

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