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Introduction to Hindustani Music


One Semester

Course Tuition:

Limited Financial Assistance/Scholarships are available

General Admission Requirements:

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This program does not require internship or externship.

Course Description

The main objective of this course is to initiate students to the sublime art form of Hindustani Music (also Known as North Indian Classical Music). This program is designed to cover the fundamentals of music both in theoretical and practical ways, that create and develop the love and interest for Hindustani Music.

High Level Course Outline

  1. Meaning of Art, Performing and other arts.
  2. Information about basic swaras, saptak and basic talas. Learning Basic Swaras, different types of Laya and talas One Saraswati Vandana
  3. Origin of Music, different stories related to the origin of music Evolution of music from Folk Music Learning any one folk form of music.
  4. Music appreciation Few basic concepts of Music Learning Patriotic song, Geet, Ghazal, Sargam, Lakshangeet, Chota Khyal
  5. General information about two types of music systems in India Various musical forms included in Carnatic and Hindusthani sangeet One Tillana or Tarana
  6. Bandish, poetry, musical forms and role of language in music Learning the outlines of different types of bandishes such as Dhrupad, Dhamar, chotakhyal etc
  7. Information about basic instruments for accompaniment and solo performances Information about Tabla, Tanpura and Harmonium
  8. Notation Systems in Hindusthani sangeet and biographies of musicians Practise of reading, writing and singing the given notation
  9. Essays on following topics :
    • Society and music
    • Qualities of a good Musician, Accompanist, and a good listener
    • Impact of film music and popular music on learning classical music
    • Music for mental peace
    • Career opportunities through music
  10. Various types of Alankars and Paltas of Shuddha Swaras Alankars and Paltas in Komal Swaras
Lecture 11-15: Information about Basic Ragas and singing one sargam, lakshangeet, Chotakhyal with basic alap taan in each one of them.

  1. Bhoopali
  2. Bilawal
  3. Bhairav
  4. Bhairavi
  5. Bageshree
  6. Yaman

Any one raga based film/Folk song in the above ragas.