Duration: Two years program (2 semesters each year).

Required Hours: A total of 135 hours.

Required Units: A total of 3 courses (2 core- mandatory and 1 elective).

This program does not require internship or externship

The main objective of this Certificate Program is to lead students through the learning of Sanskrit, the ancient language of the world. This course builds on the fundamental elements of the language covered in the Prerequisite Course. Some of them are declensions and conjugations along with selections from treatises of esteemed poets to create basic knowledge of the Sanskrit language. The program is designed keeping in view the phenomenal advantages of learning Sanskrit. Of these are included the increase in cognitive skills and analysis. Aesthetics is of course at the core of Sanskrit language to arouse the sentient side of the student.

General Admission Requirements

  • A high school diploma or GED is required
  • A score of 75% or above in the Assessment Examination for Certificate Course conducted by UofSA.

Required Core Courses

  • CSL 101: Elementary Grammar – I Introduction to Kalidasa and Narayana – 3 credit units.
  • CSL 102: Elementary Grammar – II Introduction to Bharavi and Dandin – 3 credit units

Elective Courses (select 1)

  • CSL 201: Introduction to Bhasa- 3 credit units
  • CSL 202: Introduction to Harshadeva – 3 credit units


The evaluation has the following components:

  • Final exam at the end of each course
  • Mid Term exam in the middle of a course
  • Assignments
  • Quizzes

Students will be awarded a Certificate in Sanskrit Language on their successful completion of all the required courses, with an overall combined GPA of 2.0, based on the evaluation weightages across the various methods/metrics.

Tuition Fee

Estimated Program Costs: $3,000.00 including Tuition fee of $2,700.00, Application Fee, Books, Registration Fees, etc.

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