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Faculty with PhD.

Currently, UofSA has more than 50 faculty with Ph.D.

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Total Enrolled Students

Up to Fall 2023, there have been more than 230 students enrolled at UofSA.


Retention Rate

Up to now, UofSA has retention rate of 94%.


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Founded upon the rich culture and values of India and rooted in the traditions of India, the University of Silicon Andhra (UofSA) is a WSCUC accredited inclusive and diverse university that provides an opportunity to the students to actualize their potential as scholar-practitioners and to contribute to their local and global community with excellence, professionalism, and integrity.


Preparing students with skills and knowledge to be ready for job market and make meaningful contributions to society.
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Diploma Programs

The Diploma programs seek to instill detailed learning of both practical applications and theories. The diploma programs enable students to understand the essentialities of a discipline at an intermediate level.

Diploma Education

Graduate Programs

Master’s Programs provide a comprehensive and incremental approach to the theoretical language of the discipline supported by the finer nuances of the practice of the discipline. Theoretical knowledge enhances & supports practical studies.

Graduate Education

Certificate Programs

Certificate Programs are designed to cover the fundamentals of the discipline with respect to theoria (theories) and praxi (practice) and inculcate in the students the love and passion for the discipline which they are interested in.

Certificate Education


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Check out our vibrant community of talented and accomplished people from around the world

Student Life

A residential campus with diverse housing, exceptional dining, and student organizations

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Arts & Culture

A rich culture and values of India is demonstrated through fostering creativity and arts, and cultural festivals on campus

UofSA Arts

Recreation & Wellness

Modern and equipped recreation center which offer multiple fitness programs to maintain your physical health and beauty

Recreation & Wellness