Duration: Two years program (2 semesters each year).

Required Hours: A total of 30 credit units.

Required Units: A total of 10 courses (7 core- mandatory and 3 elective).

This program is aimed at providing the student with a comprehensive understanding of Telugu language and literature. The varied courses are aimed at offering expertise to the student in different periods and genres of Telugu literature. It contains some of the finest texts in each genre thereby providing a deep understanding of each genre. It also provides the necessary critical tools with which the student gauges the prominence and excellence in each of these texts. The program also provides insights into the cultural and historical evolution of the period between 11th to 20th century vis a vis the literary texts of those ages.

General Admission Requirements

  • Candidates with any bachelor degree may be selected on the basis of performance in the Entrance Test OR
  • Diploma in Telugu from University of Silicon Andhra with a bachelor degree OR
  • B.A. with Telugu as language from any Indian university OR
  • B.A. with Sanskrit or M.A with Sanskrit (with Telugu as mother tongue)

Required Core Courses

  • GTL 501: Classical Poetry: 3 credit units
  • GTL 502: History of Telugu Literature: 3 credit units
  • GTL 503: Introduction to Sanskrit Literature – 3 credit units
  • GTL 504: Grammar & Prosody -3 credit units
  • GTL 505: Modern Poetry and Fiction: 3 credit units
  • GTL 506: Aesthetics and Modern Literary Criticism-3 credit units
  • GTL 507: Thesis – 3 Credit Units

Elective Courses (select 3)

  • GTL 601: Introduction to Linguistics – 3 credit units
  • GTL 602: Folk Lore – 3 credit units
  • GTL 603: History and Culture of the Telugus- 3 credit units
  • GTL 604: Introduction to Pada Literature (Lyrical)-3 credit units
  • GTL 605: Traditional Performing Arts: Yakshaganam to Modern Drama-3 credit units
  • GTL 606: Evolution of Telugu Prose – 3 credit units


The evaluation has the following components:

  • Final exams
  • Mid-term exams
  • Assignments
  • A Thesis
  • An Oral Defense

Students will be awarded a degree in Master of Arts in Telugu, on their successful completion of all the required courses, with a GPA of 3.0 or higher based on the evaluation weightages across the various methods/metrics..

Tuition Fee

Estimated Program Costs: $9,900.00 including Tuition fee of $9,000.00, Application Fee, Books, Registration Fees, etc.

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